SEO trends of 2019

SEO Trends of 2019 -

SEO trends 2019

Of all the disciplines in marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is one that involves the most constant changes – and this can make it frightening. No one knows exactly how ranking is determined in search results (or at least no one except Google, Bing and other search engines) – but everyone knows that algorithms and formulas change over time. What worked as an SEO strategy five years ago will not work today. In fact, what worked last year probably won’t work the same as this year. If you are a B2B marketer and want your content to be visible and build your credibility, then keeping up with SEO trends and new SEO theories does not mean being fashionable – this is important.

There are many technical discussions about what these changes are, and it’s easy to feel locked up in these discussions because of jargon, which they include: Google updates called things like Penguin, Panda and Possum, hidden semantic indexing, quality assessment algorithms – and this before I get into mnemonics: for example, SERP and EAT. However, besides technical reasoning, trends in SEO include general principles that are actually relatively easy to understand (and your content strategy). And it is worth it.

That is why I spent some time in early 2019, looking at the latest theories on best practices in SEO and identifying key trends that most SEO experts agree on. As a B2B marketer, this is what you need to know this year. Applying these principles to the content you create will help keep it high on the search engine results pages (which, by the way, means SERP). This will create your appearance, influence and authority. Equally important, it will provide guidelines for a content strategy that remains focused on the information that your audience is looking for – because that’s what good SEO marketing is about.

Here are the key trends in the search for 2019 – technical, strategic and farsighted things that should start to build today.

SEO trends are technical stuff

To rank pages, the search engine must be able to analyze content efficiently. Therefore, the way your pages are created can have a big impact on how visible your content is in search results. The reason why sites today are built on JavaScript and HTML platformsrather than Flash, lies in the fact that Google and other search engines struggled to effectively read Flash sites. However, making your content visible to search engine spiders is not the only technical issue affecting your ranking. Since search engines prefer the best user experience, they are also very interested in how your page loads on different devices. It is this interest that drives the most important technical trends in search in 2019.

Mobile indexing

In March 2018, Google announced that it would begin to consider mobile versions of websites as major versions of these sites when it comes to how relevant they are to the search query. This means that it is very important to check the portability of the content you are creating and work with your technical teams to make sure that the site responds to mobile devices – and that all relevant content is included. Most likely, you will lose if you invest in rich content that is poorly displayed in the mobile version of your site.

How fast your pages load on mobile

Google has always paid close attention to how quickly the pages load, but there are signs that the ranking speed is changing. Google added mobile page speed, which is based on the actual user experience of your mobile website, as a ranking factor in July 2018. SEO experts claim that this does not have a big impact on where pages are ranked in search results – not yet. However, since this is a new tool in the Google Toolkit, it may change. Result? Watch how fast your content loads on smartphones.

SEO trends – strategies

As a B2B content marketer, this is where SEO becomes really interesting. These trends will help ensure that the content that you create, and the way that you create it, get visibility, as it should be in the issue. It used to be that creating content for SEO meant filling the desired paragraph with a copy of a magic number of keywords. However, since then the search has developed far. SEO trends that matter today invite you to be more creative and audience oriented. Here are the areas that, according to SEO experts, you should focus on in 2019:

Focus, we need – not just keywords

User intent is one of the most popular phrases in SEO at the moment. This is great news for content marketers, because basically it’s an attempt to imagine what the user really wants when he enters a specific keyword into a search engine. And let’s face it – we are proud of this type of empathy. Focusing on intentions involves envisag.

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