At Free4seo, we offer experienced PPC professionals who know the best way to use the Google AdWords. As one of the leading Google AdWords Management, we know the platform inside out.

The basics

Google AdWords is the advertising program of Google, which is also famously known as Pay Per Click or PPC. The Google AdWords employs the use of online auction system that enables you to bid on the ability to have your ads show up under the Sponsored Listing in the search results of Google. The ads on Google also appear on certain web pages and they can be highly valuable in the right situation.

Our team of Google AdWords helps you to start as well as manage your accounts. Google AdWords is the best and most preferred way to launch a new site or lead traffic to an older one that has faced hurdles in gaining traction with the search engine.

Google employs the use of a process which is known as contextual targeting that is used to match the right ads with the right search queries. By evaluating the text, links, language, and page structure across the billions of web pages, Google matches your advertisement with the pages that your customers pay a visit to. When properly targeted, this process can lead to huge gains in terms of traffic as well as increased revenues for your business.

Though implementing AdWords can be challenging for the inexperienced users, it is always recommended.

How does it work?

Google AdWords connects various products and services with the right and potential buyers. In simpler words, if a seller sells musical instrument and the buyer is looking to buy one online then the AdWords employs the use of a complex algorithm to bring the seller and the buyer together.

AdWords employs the use of the auction format, which means as a seller you possess the ability to bid on the keywords. You can then create the ads that are used in the Sponsored Listings of Google. So whenever someone will click on your ad to visit your website, you will pay a fee based on the value of your selected keyword.

Since the AdWords functions as a virtual action, you will have to pay more for the highly competitive keywords as compared to the small niche ones.

The advantage here is that you will only pay when someone clicks on the ad and the disadvantage here is that in order to be successful with the Google AdWords, you will have to earn the money in sales to pay for all those clicks. That is why it is important to balance your pay per click or PPC budget with healthy conversion rates.

Why is my AdWords campaign not making any money?

Assuming that you have heard of Google AdWords and also tried it, it can be possible that maybe you did not receive any positive results. Similar to all the technologies, Google AdWords possesses certain inherent challenges, which includes comprehending the right keyword research, writing ads that translate into high CTR or relevant traffic, building good quality score, and being aware of how to geo-target your ads in the most effective manner.

We have witnessed many clients coming to us after building their AdWords campaign only to learn that they were somehow ending up losing large sums of money each passing day.

So if you are new to AdWords then I suggest you confide in us and trust our team of professionals to guide you and manage your AdWords campaign on your behalf.

For your ads to be profitable, we perform an ROI analysis of the created campaign, ads, ad groups, and keywords. You might have created a profitable campaign but you may be losing money on certain ads or keywords.

It is essential to iterate and refresh your campaign with better, newer ads based on the knowledge you have gained from the former efforts. This is the part of the reason as to why it is essential that you have a professional, us, by your side to manage your campaign as we have years of experience in distinguishing between what will and what will not work.

Give yourself an edge

When it comes to the AdWords, Google provides some very specific tips for success.

•    Identify and clear your advertising goals because any business that is familiar with the setting of goal will be able to set clear and concise paid traffic goals.

•    Organize your account for maximum effectiveness, select relevant keywords and placements, and create straightforward as well as targeted ads.

•    Optimize your website for conversions, track your performance and test your campaign in order to make any necessary modifications.

Such tips are excellent however implementing the same can result in tremendous challenges. For example, how do you select just the right keywords and then properly target them?

What are the ideal techniques for optimizing your website? How do you make sure that your ads are the best-suited ones to ascertain maximum conversion?

Challenges such as these are precisely why you can benefit greatly from us. Our AdWords professionals have seen tested and implement all the possible AdWords scenario for an extensive variety of business clients of every size and industry and we all know how to optimize PPC campaigns that result in maximum conversion.

Our services for PPC campaigns

Paid search

Through our relevant and focused PPC campaigns we empower your paid search marketing to elevate the growth of your website, its visibility, traffic amount and high conversion rates.

Keyword research

It is the most important step in the PPC process. Mainly because if you are not targeting the right keywords then you are wasting a lot of time and effort, we help you with the keyword research to ensure that you get off to a great start.

Ad creation

We create your campaign in this stage and ensure that everything goes correct. Starting from writing your ad copy to managing your keyword bids, we cover all the dynamics of PPC campaign.

Landing page development

We will analyse and determine whether or not your site needs a landing page. At times it is best to start with a landing page than make an attempt to optimize your homepage.

Setting up the account

If you are not familiar with the AdWords then we will start by showing how it works. We will also create an account for you and set it up to match the website’s goals and targets.

Tracking, installation, and testing

We install as well as integrate all the tools into your site that includes visual website optimization, Google analytics, call tracking and much more. If there is anything that will help you better your AdWords campaign, we will be sure to add it.

The launch of the campaign

We will be there at every step after the launch of the campaign to make sure that it runs the way that it was created for; we will be there till you see any satisfactory results.

Monitor performance

We monitor your AdWords performances each and every day and report it back to you. We also make the necessary changes as and when required.

What are the other advertisers getting wrong in AdWords campaign?

•    Irrelevant ads with incorrect keywords.

•    Poorly converting landing pages.

•    Not testing for small variations in site.

•    Not including a clear call to action.

•    Failing to monitor the differences in CTR all the time to tweak site.

•    Not following the best guidelines for enhancing the ad relevancy and boosting ad rank.

The results of our custom PPC advertising campaigns

•    No unnecessary PPC spending: We are expert in running AdWords campaigns that reduce the amount you have to spend and generate additional value by spotting flaws and lowering wasteful spending.

•    Highly qualified traffic: We build, tune and manage campaigns that consistently drive more and quality traffic to your website. Our strategy is exactly designed to match with the needs and expectations of your customers.

•    Higher returns: Our AdWords campaigns are fuelled by sought-after business goals to acquire the highest ROI by being effectual, proficient and right to the point.

•    Rapid returns: Our AdWords advertising projects give returns on your investment at a faster pace.

The bottom line

With our PPC campaign management, we improve the parts that perform well and eliminate the ones that do not work well or affects the whole thing. We consistently analyze your campaign to ensure that your leads and conversion rates keep on increasing.

We do not want to leave you stranded in any way, which is why even after we have implemented the campaign and you see the results that you wanted, we monitor and assess the campaign with 24/7 reporting to you regarding its performance.

We promise that you will always have all the vital information right on your fingertips.  

You can count on us to be there whenever you need to pick our brains on the performance of your site or the implemented campaign.